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Policies and Recommendations
About the companyWhat Dentar, Inc. DoesOur view on TechnologiesPartnershipsContactPolicies The policies are in one place on purpose. These policies are in place to protect both Dentar's great client base as well as the company itself. No policy here is arbitrary.

Cold Calling / Robocalling

Dentar, Inc. does not do any form of spamming, cold calling or robocalling. If you receive a robocall (see contacts page) then rest assured it is not from me or this company, and that the caller has tampered with caller ID, which is impossible to prevent. They can just as easily use any number.

Phoning, Emailing and TXTing Policy

The telephone calling community is undergoing what I would call telephone calling etiquette climate change. Sadly, it's getting worse, and with the numerous "spam" calls each day, I screen unknown numbers now. If you're legitimate, leave a voice mail and I'll add you to the contact list and call back as soon as possible.

For TXTs and emails, be aware that those are considered non-emergency and may beep only once. If the beep isn't heard the first time, the message might get stale through the day. For urgent matters, call instead of TXTing. After a TXT, a reply will get sent and if no response, one phone call. After that, a phone call will be required.

Using TXT to email gateways can result in your TXT getting lost in the spam filters. Call instead if it's urgent.

Dentar, Inc. does not accept calls from salespeople other than those with whom a formal purchasing relationship has already been established. We need no health plans, credit accounts, gutter cleaning, or promotional pens.

For Emails, I check that at least once per day. I do not tether myself to the Inbox. For urgent matters, please call.


We do not support the sending of automated unsolicited bulk commercial email, nor do we send it, period. However, we do send notes of interest to our known clients via email. We do not sell or give any client data to anyone, period.

Spyware / Malware / Virus Infections

Due to the nature and unpredictability of spyware infections, we have to have these policies as it relates to spyware removal:

  • Absolutely no guarantee that the PC is clean unless Windows is reinstalled. Any other company that absolutely guarantees a clean PC without a complete wipe is pulling your leg.
  • No "flat rate" or "pre-quoted" spyware removal. All cleanup is at time-and-materials rates, including restoring from backup.
  • Clients are required to have a backup of wanted data.
  • We do not "cover up" for employees of clients who have gotten a PC infected while visiting inappropriate web sites while at work.
  • Dentar, Inc. may ask clients to sign a spyware/malware waiver before cleaning operation commences.


We have an absolutely strict policy against supporting, selling, or giving away pirated software, period. Not only does this put our business at risk, one incident can put all of our clients at risk. We can help you audit your business to make sure you are not running pirated copies. Give us a call if you need help determining if you're legal.

Using GPLed and Free software such as Linux and LibreOffice can save you a lot on licensing costs!

Wait Time, Travel Time, and Outside Hours

During normal business hours, time is billed starting with beginning travel time to the client site for local clients. Time ends when leaving the client site. All time in-between is billable except time spent for other clients. This includes time spent waiting for the client, other vendors, or in a waiting room. For clients greater than 45 miles from Dentar, Inc, travel time is billed round trip minus forty-five minutes.

However, outside the hours of 7:00AM to 6:00PM on weekdays, and any time on weekends or holidays, travel time is billed both directions, as well as 1.5 times your regular business hours rate, 2x for major holidays, and all time is billed except for time spent with other clients.

"Weekend pings" are also billable, including contacting on a Saturday or Sunday about non-emergency issues.


Some clients have asked us to bill hardware as labor so that they can submit a claim to their insurance. We do not bill hardware as labor in order to help you pay for any insurance claim. However, we'll gladly help with all your legitimate insurance claims (e.g. lightning, flood damage...) and will help you document actual damage so that you can get your systems repaired and your claims filed.


Dentar, Inc. does not do in-wall cabling runs. Contact your electrician or communications infrastructure provider to get your Ethernet cabling run from your patch panel to the new network drop. Dentar, Inc. will not show up to hook up any new equipment until after the cabling has been completed, labeled and tested. We will not make an appointment to hook up any new networked equipment on the same day as said cabling installation. In the case that does happen, all time spent waiting for cabling to be installed and punched down is billable.


Unbelievably, we've been asked once to do this. We do not participate in any systems cracking, period. We do, however, offer penetration testing for your own authorized systems, with proper paperwork.


Backups are the most important duty for any system administrator. All clients are responsible for their own backups, including monitoring. If you're in doubt as to whether or not your backups are working, or you need to know how to interpret your backup logs, please call and Dentar, Inc. can check to see if they have been running. However, Dentar, Inc. will not be held liable for any backups or lack of backups, and does not provide backup monitoring service, nor does it ever guarantee the usefulness or recoverability of your backups.


Virtualization is a good way to get cross platform functionality or extend the life of an older operating system, or use one machine for multiple purposes. There is always a performance cost and usually a learning curve. Dentar, Inc. only recommends virtualization for advanced users, or those specifically already using virtualization. For most small businesses that do not have their own I.T. personnel, virtualizing is NOT recommended.

Equipment in the Home

The time and materials rates are the same for home PCs as the business PCs, including time for telephone calls. Home PCs can be more troublesome than a business PC because their usage pattern makes them severely susceptible to viruses and spyware. It is very likely that if your home PC is infected, Dentar, Inc. might be forced to reload from scratch. If in doubt, it will be reloaded from scratch. This will erase your machine! This is why backups of your important data are crucial! Spyware and adware can really ruin your Windows installation and cleanup can take a long time. Some home PCs are too infected to even load preventive programs onto, which also forces a reload. PCs not reloaded from scratch might still be in danger of re-infection.

Weekend rates also apply same as for corporate, any time spent on the phone discussing home equipment.

Dentar, Inc. does not warrant any home equipment.

Equipment ordered from Dentar, Inc. for home use is always special-order and is therefore, non-returnable, including for matters of taste, or unexpected incompatibilities.

Legacy Equipment

The time and materials rates are the same for software help and operating systems support for legacy (old) computers and equipment as for all other items. Note that as some equipment gets older and device driver support falls off the back end, meaning, for example, the manufacturer will not upgrade the software to operate a device with anything newer than Windows XP, one is then required to pay costs to keep the machine to which it is connected running. With PCs, it may get to where it is not reloadable, and if the PC dies, then, as it's required to operate the equipment, then so does the equipment.

I have run into this with printers and scanners, mostly, but also with some dental equipment. All work on legacy equipment is on a best-efforts basis, and no guarantee of operability for anything not supported by the manufacturer of each piece of equipment is available. Please see your manufacturer's list of supported equipment. This disclaimer also applies to the restorability and usability of backups to old equipment, including replacements for such.

Among other things that can cause a system to be come non-restorable is the software vendor for the application going out of business, rendering re-licensing of the software application impossible. SCO UNIX systems are especially susceptible to this. Anyone still running on SCO OpenServer or UnixWare should port to Linux or get a virtualized version of XinuOS product to continue running their legacy application.


Hardware warranties are provided by the manufacturers of each discrete component sold. Dentar, Inc. does not provide any warranty unless the manufacturer agrees, in writing, in advance of sale to reimburse Dentar, Inc. for its time and materials to cover that manufacturer's defect, or, the failure was due to poor workmanship of Dentar, Inc. instead of the manufacturer. However, we can still facilitate getting the part replaced by the manufacturer on your behalf at regular billable rates. Dentar, Inc. does not provide warranty support for equipment used in the home, but the manufacturer warranty might still apply.

For any warranty item, whether or not the fault of Dentar, Inc., it must be reported timely after the failure, and within warranty period for said piece, in order for it to be honored. Any accounts delinquent outside their default terms will not get warranty fixes until their account is paid.


Dentar, Inc. does not allow any of its employees, consultants, or support engineers, including officers to do any outside 1099 or W2 work. Dentar, Inc. will gladly allow its employees, consultants, and support engineers to do work on Dentar, Inc's behalf, billable by Dentar, Inc., corporation-to-corporation.


Although this is very rarely a problem for Dentar, Inc. yet, thanks to having a fantastic client base, it retains the right to charge interest at 10% per annum on past due accounts. We also retain the right to stop service or pursue any other option when an account becomes delinquent.

Dentar, Inc. is most appreciative of clients who choose to not put it in a position of having to be bill collectors.

Dentar, Inc. also reserves the right to dismiss any client that habitually pays late or not at all, with or without giving notice.

Dentar, Inc. does not perform financing services. All invoices are due in full as per terms, most 15 or 30 days, as per the due date on your invoice.

Any client that becomes delinquent may have legal action taken against it as a result.

Large Purchases

Dentar, Inc. reserves the right to ask for a down payment for larger-than-usual purchases of tangible items, licenses, or software so that it can acquire said items and be assured of the good faith of the purchaser.

Applying Payments

All checks received are applied to the oldest outstanding matching invoice, until that invoice is exhausted, and, any remaining will be applied to subsequent invoices, unless invoice number is noted with payment. If all invoices are paid and there are still funds on that check, a credit balance will be maintained until the next billing. Those whose accounts do not balance will be sent a "statement" along with their current invoice at billing time.

Binding Arbitration

Dentar, Inc. does not sign binding arbitration agreements with any vendor or client, period.


It is Dentar, Inc. policy to not pursue clients of Dentar, Inc. associates or clients without permission. However, no employee or officer of Dentar, Inc. will sign a non-compete for themselves or Dentar, Inc. unless the following criteria are met:

  • No excessive time spans. 180 days are the maximum.
  • Complete list of entities with whom not to make contact is provided. No "blanket" clauses, etc.
  • Dentar, Inc. President/CEO must approve and sign
  • Changes to entity list must be approved by Dentar, Inc. President/CEO


It is Dentar, Inc. policy to not expose clients' information or secrets to anyone else, period. However, no employee or officer of Dentar, Inc. will sign a non-disclosure for themselves or Dentar, Inc. unless the following criteria are met:

  • The NDA must be specific as to what information is being guarded. No "blanket" NDAs will be considered.
  • Information being guarded must be a valuable trade secret which has the potential for causing damage to the parties if exposed. For example, a salesman's cold-calling sales prospect list is not a trade secret. A secret recipe or formula for a chemical or food product that makes it unique in its market IS a trade secret.
  • Dentar, Inc. President/CEO must approve and sign


Dentar, Inc. is happy to sign HIPAA agreements with medical and dental offices. The agreements must only cover HIPAA and be between Dentar, Inc. and the client only, with no third parties covered.


It is the responsibility of the client to make sure they know all their passwords. Dentar, Inc. does not "hide" passwords from its clients, nor does it keep a password database or repository for them.


It is Dentar, Inc. policy to not participate in bidding for government or other fixed-cost contracts. All work is time and materials, billed to terms arranged with each client. We also do not do competitive bidding against big-box retail outlets. Any competitive bidding will only be done against like competitors.

"Retainer" fees

Occasionally, a client will ask that Dentar, Inc. make itself "available" on a certain day "just in case" due to another vendor doing something on site, or some other activity, such as painting, carpeting, moving, or electrical work. This is, in short, asking us to not give that time to anyone else, which equates to a non-billed time slot, to be billed only if we are called. As it is impossible to determine if another client will have an emergency in that time slot, Dentar, Inc. must charge a retainer fee equal to half the normally billed time, or $50/hr, whichever is greater, in order to reserve that time slot exclusively for said asking client.

Sales are Final

Hardware orders, software orders, and all other sales of goods and services are final. Before ordering items, be sure it is really what you need and that you intend to purchase it. Special orders cannot be returned. Any non-special item that -can- be returned is subject to a 20 percent return or restocking fee.

Other Vendors

Some clients choose to have multiple vendors. Unlike some vendors, Dentar, Inc. does not try to force its clients to be contract-exclusive with one vendor. However, Dentar, Inc. does not "train" or provide remedial I.T. tutoring or tech support to competing vendors beyond providing passwords, with client authorization. Also, Dentar, Inc. will charge regular time to fix any problem caused by another vendor.

Client Purchased Equipment

Clients are welcome to shop for their own equipment, but Dentar, Inc. will not warrant or guarantee that anything bought outside Dentar, Inc. is suitable for any particular purpose nor will it guarantee any level of performance with said equipment.

Web Site Hosting

We do not host "landing pages" or adult entertainment web sites, nor do we host pages for the sole purpose of generating advertising clicks, or any other "spam" related purpose. Web pages hosted by Dentar, Inc. are for legitimate small businesses to communicate with their intended audiences. Hosting cost is for hosting only. Domain registration, editing, design, et. cetera are all separate.

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