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Business on a handshake

Call us old fashioned, we prefer business done with a handshake.

On Being Personable

Business should done with a handshake and trust. The only time litigation should be used is when trust just doesn't work out. By then, however, is it worth it? We feel the same way about contracts. Contracts, especially "exclusivity" contracts, are intrusive, cumbersome, and create a climate of paranoia and mistrust. Contracts might make some people more profitable, but it just feels plain wrong. Dentar, Inc. doesn't make clients sign contracts just so they can do regular, honest business. A handshake will do just fine. We save the contracts for when we really need one. (Note: See policies for contracts we gladly sign.)

Realistic Expectations

Has anyone ever promised you the moon and the stars? Overpromising to clients is a sure way to ensure that expectations are not met, and only results in disappointment. Some companies seem to have policies of letting their sales crew say whatever it took to get the gig. We always strive to be as accurate as possible when setting expectations for our clients. We realize this actually makes it harder to compete against companies that employ slick salespeople who are given permission to make any pie-in-the-sky promises they want, but in the long run, that 'trust' thing demands a foundation of realistic expectations.


Making the effort to be available and return calls the same day is something we strive for. Most of the time the call is answered immediately, or returned in minutes. If you need us quickly, please call the phone number on the contacts page. TXTing or Emailing will get us as well, but are not always watched.

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