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Dental Office Support

Dentrix is the ubiquitous do-it-all software for dental practices. We can install all versions that you purchase from Henry Schein, including upgrades, servers and workstations. We can also supply your servers, workstations and printers. Dentar, Inc. strongly recommends you keep a subscription through Dentrix Support so you can get the free upgrades and database fixes, that only they can supply.

Eaglesoft is the other major dental software offering that has a large client base. We can help these practices as well. Some support items require support from Patterson.

* Ask about our Internet Backup for Dentists! *

DEXIS offers both imaging hardware and software, including X-Ray and Intraoral equipment. They also own and support Dentrix Image. Dentar, Inc. can help you install and manage these solutions.

Patient Gallery offers imaging software that is slim, fast, and works with most dental x-ray and photographic hardware. Dentar, Inc. can help you with this as well.

Gendex offers panoramic x-rays, intraoral x-rays, digital x-ray film scanners, intraoral cameras, and software. Dentar, Inc. has experience setting these items up in dental offices.

Caesy is a reliable educational tool for you and your patients, which includes videos that can be played on patient screens as well as informational videos for your waiting room. Dentar, Inc. can install your existing Caesy system and ensure workstations in operatories can play the videos for your patients.

Please see policies as it relates to legacy dental equipment.

Dentar, Inc's experience is not limited to this list. Any computer related help can be delivered to your practice!

Internet Backup for Dental Offices

There is a major dental vendor who offers their own electronic internet based backup solution. It's a good product, but it's pricey for some. Some of my clients prefer their monitoring service, so they pay for it. For smaller offices that want internet based off-site backup to supplement their regular backup, we offer a less expensive product offered by well-known players in the storage field, EMC.

Let's see the dental supplier's prices:

They give the first GB for free. Nobody's database is this small.
They charge 3.99 per GB up to 5 GB
They charge 3.49 per GB up to 10 GB
They charge 3.25 per GB up to 20 GB
They charge 2.68 per GB up to 50 GB

They add monitoring for 19.95/mo where they'll tell you if the backup failed.

So, for example, 40 GB would cost 2.68 x 40 = $107.20 per month. That's $127.15 with monitoring.

Dentar, Inc. has a flat-rate backup that is simple without worrying about tiered pricing.

Dentar, Inc. offers a simple backup solution that is $7.00 per month plus half a buck per GB. You can include your imaging solution if you like, as well, plus any other windows files (e.g. Word, Excel, Quickbooks, etc)

How are we able to offer this? It's simple. They only offer to dentists, so their market is limited. Dentar, Inc. offers a mainstream solution that any Windows server users can use, so their client base is much bigger. This solution is owned by EMC, and they're storage experts.

This is a great supplemental backup to the backup you already have.

True Story!

Tom used to have a rather nasty case of dental anxiety, and had been away from the dentist's office for a long, long time. Even seeing a commercial on TV about anything dental would make him feel uneasy!

One day, the corner of one of his molars broke off from where an old filling had been. A friend recommended a local dentist who referred him to a periodontist as well. His teeth look much better and he now goes to the dentist often!

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