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Linux consultants for Windows consultants, or Linux Administration for your small business

If you are a Microsoft-based consulting business that has clients with Linux-based needs, or you're a small business looking for Linux expertise, look no further. Dentar, Inc. can go in to your clients' offices AS YOU and perform Linux related duties on your behalf.

The arrangement is governed by our policies and you will be treated like all other clients!

Starting a new business? If you're starting from scratch, a great way to get open software that you are allowed to modify is to stick with Linux and other Open Source types of software. Zero license fees and no worry about large companies treating you like a criminal because they think you're running illegal copies of their software.

Did you know that Linux is the most widely deployed platform on the internet? Also, almost all non-Apple phones run Linux under the hood, and the same goes for non-Apple tablets.

We have experience with these flavors of Linux: Red Hat, CentOS, Rocky, Alma, Oracle Linux, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Raspberry Pi OS.

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