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How we do certain things

Cold Calling, Robocalling, Spam, Piracy and/or "Hacking"

We do not send unsolicited bulk emails. We do not load, furnish, modify or support any software that the user is not authorized to have and use. We will not "hack" yours or anyone else's systems for any reason. We do, however, offer "pen-testing" for your own authorized systems, with proper paperwork.

Dentar, Inc. does not do any form of cold calling or robocalling. If you receive a robocall from our number, it has been "spoofed."

We do not sell or give away any client information, period.

Phoning, Emailing and TXTing

The best way to contact us is a phone call using the number on the Contacts page.

Texts and emails may be read within one business day. Urgent matters should get a phone call.

Dentar, Inc. does not accept calls from outside solicitors.

Spyware / Malware / Virus Infections / Aging equipment / Home Equipment

Spyware removal can be risky and can result in data loss and is therefore done on an hourly and "best efforts" basis, including any restore time.

The time and materials rates are the same for legacy (old) computers and equipment, including those running no-longer-supported software and operating systems, as for all other items, on a best efforts basis. The age of the software or hardware may make it incompatible with new hardware or software.

The time and materials rates are the same for home PCs as the business PCs, including time for telephone calls. Customers are expected to have backups of their home PCs before work commences.

Dentar, Inc. does not warrant any home equipment.

Equipment ordered from Dentar, Inc. for home use is always special-order and is therefore, non-returnable, including for matters of taste, or unexpected incompatibilities.

Wait Time, Travel Time, and Outside Hours

Normal business hours are 8-5 Mon-Fri.

In the Cincinnati Metro area, time is billed travel time one-way until leaving the client site, during normal business hours.

Outside the Cincinnati Metro area, time is billed round trip minus forty-five minutes, during normal business hours.

Outside hours are 1.5 times the regular business hours rate, or 2x for observed holidays, and travel time both ways.

"Weekend/Holiday pings" may also be billable for non-emergencies.


Dentar, Inc. does only limited in-wall cabling runs. We can recommend someone to pull a network drop for any customer adding a new room. Hookups for said equipment for new room(s) will be done on a separate day.


Backups are the most important duty for any system administrator. All clients are responsible for their own backups, including monitoring. If you're in doubt as to whether or not your backups are working, or you need to know how to interpret your backup logs, please call and Dentar, Inc. can check to see if they have been running. However, Dentar, Inc. will not be held liable for any backups or lack of backups, and does not provide backup monitoring service, nor does it ever guarantee the usefulness or recoverability of your backups.


Hardware warranties are provided by the manufacturers of each discrete component sold.

For any warranty item, whether or not the fault of Dentar, Inc., it must be reported timely after the failure, and be within warranty period for said piece, in order for it to be honored. Any accounts delinquent outside their default terms will not get warranty fixes until their account is paid.


Dentar, Inc. does not allow any of its employees, consultants, or support engineers, including officers to do any outside 1099 or W2 work. Dentar, Inc. will gladly allow its employees, consultants, and support engineers to do work on Dentar, Inc's behalf, billable by Dentar, Inc., corporation-to-corporation.

Collections, Large Purchases, and Payments

We retain the right to charge interest at 10% per annum on past due accounts. We also retain the right to discontinue service or pursue any other option when an account becomes delinquent.

Dentar, Inc. also reserves the right to dismiss any client that habitually pays late or not at all, with or without giving notice.

Dentar, Inc. does not provide financing. All invoices are due in full as per terms, most 15 or 30 days, as per the due date on your invoice.

Dentar, Inc. reserves the right to ask for a down payment for large purchases of tangible items, licenses, or software so that it can acquire said items and be assured of the good faith of the purchaser.

Payments are applied to oldest outstanding amount-matching invoices if there is no invoice number noted. Clients who overpay will be sent a refund of the overpayment unless they request to carry a credit balance.


Dentar, Inc. does not sign binding arbitrations agreements, non-competes, NDAs or any other contract without all due diligence regading our own protection.


Clients should have all their passwords. Dentar, Inc. does not use the "password hiding" trick that some other vendors use.

"Retainer" fees

Clients requesting exclusive availabilty during a particular time slot may be billed a retainer fee.

Sales are Final

Hardware orders, software orders, and all other sales of goods and services are final. Before ordering items, be sure it is really what you need and that you intend to purchase it. Special orders cannot be returned. Any non-special item that -can- be returned is subject to a 20 percent return or restocking fee.

Other Vendors

Dentar, Inc. does not force its clients to be contract-exclusive with us. Dentar will not be held liable for what any other vendor does. We do not provide remdial I.T. education to other vendors.

Client Purchased Equipment

Clients are welcome to shop for their own equipment, and of course all time spent by Dentar regarding such is billable, including attempting to solve incomptibility issues.

Web Site Hosting

Small web pages hosted by Dentar, Inc. are for legitimate small businesses to communicate with their intended audiences. Hosting cost is for hosting only. Domain registration, editing, design, et. cetera are all separately charged time and materials. Sites hosted may only be for legal purposes.


Clients can be dismissed for reasons including non-payment, late payment, failure to follow recommendations, or engaging in any illegal activity, including attempting to get Dentar, Inc. to participate in illegal or unetical activity. Upon dismissal, the dismissed client's account becomes due immediately.

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